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A keen outdoor man, with interest in Angling, Wildlife, Travel and nature. He has always been a keen sportsman representing my Clubs in various sports like Tennis, Golf, Table Tennis, Billiards and Football. Has held the posts of Secretary in Planting / Sports Clubs during his tenure in the Estates.


“The travel bug bit me early in life due to the fact that I am born in a family of Diplomats. For me travel is an endless journey- from wandering the streets of Zanzibar to visiting the coffee shops of Amsterdam, from trekking in the Himalayas to the rocky beaches of Kanyakumari. So far I have escorted clients in private air charters, cruises, road trips, walking tours, the odd gastronomy tour and of course quite a few photography trips. Some distinguished guests of mine have been former Prime Minister of Peru Mr. Roberto Danino, former President of Mexico Mr. Vicente Fox, Chilean philanthropist Mr. Leonardo Farkas, and Spanish business man and art collector Mr. Juan Abello”


Thakur Durga Singh is an exceptional narrator and host. A proud, aristocratic Rajput, Durga brings his culture and country vibrantly alive. He is a scion of the erstwhile aristocratic family of Mandawa. Mandawa was a principality or chiefship in the Shekhawati region of north east Rajasthan under the maharaja of Jaipur. After independence the chiefs were given one time compensation and the principality merged into the republic of India.

Educated at the Mayo College Ajmer a school built by the British exclusively for Indian royals. Mayo College is now a private boarding school. He went on to university at Udaipur with a degree in agriculture. Now lives at Jaipur where he has converted his home into a small heritage hotel Dera Mandawa. He also visits the country estate to look after the farms as a gentleman farmer with keen interest in camel and horse riding and reviving the Indian breeds of horses, camels and the Tharparker cows. He is also passionate to save the folk music and poetic bard traditions of Rajasthan.

A rare Renaissance man with interests as diverse as philosophy, religion, contemporary politics to farming, tribal culture, music, poetry, Durga sports not only a grand moustache but also a wonderful sense of humor.

A marvelous and engaging raconteur, his insights will leave a lasting impression.


Currently working as a Freelance Tour Leader for Wildlife & Naturalist, Durgesh Kumar Singh has a decade long experience in the wildlife tourism sector. Trained as a Naturalist by AndBeyond-South Africa, he has worked in various lodges of Taj Safaris in Madhya Pradesh. After working as a Lodge Naturalist, he started freelancing for various travel companies. He is also a keen wildlife photographer and has travelled to various parts of India & abroad to pursue his interests.


Himanshu Rathore has several years experience as a freelance professional naturalist and is an award winning wildlife photographer.

Himanshu grew up in Rajasthan in an environment surrounded by wildlife. From a very early age he developed not only a passion for, but also a deep understanding of natural history. A former pupil of Mayo College in Ajmer, he went on to study for a degree at Jai Hind College, University of Mumbai, graduating with Double Majors in history and political science in 2006.

After graduating, Himanshu trained as a naturalist at Bandhavgarh National Park under the guidance of renowned naturalists Graham Vercuil and Sarath Champati. As a Senior Naturalist for Taj Safaris he worked at both Bandhavgarh and Pench National Parks before embarking on free-lance tour leadership at a number of major parks and sanctuaries, including Bandhavgarh, Bharatpur, Chambal, Kabini, Kanha, Nagerhole, Pench, Ranthambore, Satpura and Phinda in South Africa.

When not on safari Himanshu has played cricket at state level and is currently one of the leading Indian clay pigeon shooters specialising in International Skeet. Himanshu lives in Jaipur with wife Deepti and daughter Krishnavi.


Kartikeya Singh is the founder of Wildlife and Forestry Services with a Masters degree in Ecology and Environment and more than twenty years of experience working in the field of wildlife in India, this includes eight years of research experience working with Wildlife Institute of India studying Indian wolves and lions. Kartikeya is a proficient canid trapper and has expertise in catching, anaesthetising and radio collaring several carnivores like wolves, hyenas, lions, jackals, foxes, wild dogs etc; He is one of the specialists involved in the reintroduction of Gaur (India Bison) from Kanha to Bandhavgarh as an initiative to reverse the local extinction of the species. Kartikeya has worked as additional photographer on documentaries produced by BBC.


Incredible India is not a country but an experience of amazing multilayers which makes heritage landscapes dynamic. Dr. Navina Jafa is an academic on Heritage Interpretation, a master on curating, exhibiting and executing heritage experience. A Fulbright Scholar At the Smithsonian Dr. Jafa is a well-known Cultural Historian, a columnist with leading newspapers on Cultural Heritage, dancer, and is engaged in preserving Traditional knowledge Skills. At present, she is engaged with issues on the environment (save water, save trees, and addressing plastic) in innovative ways through not for profit think tank “ Centre for New Perspectives ” which works on research and livelihood programs for and on Traditional and Creative communities in different regions of India and Asia.


“The last twelve years of my life have been the most interesting. After all, I have entered into the arena of tourism where I got an opportunity to grow constantly because my passion & profession happen to be the same. It’s been a memorable journey so far because I have been handling a diverse kind of clients coming to incredible India for exploring it.
I have been involved in the successful handling of various art & architecture groups. I am particularly good at cultural & historical groups. Once in a while, I like to spot wildlife tours also.
It seems as if I had past connections with Hollywood because I have taken around some big names of Hollywood. Dame Judi Dench, Dame Maggie Smith, Celia Imrie, Tom Wilkinson, Dev Patel, and the most interesting one was touring with Naomi Campbell.”


Sanjay works as a tour escort//leader in the northern India specially in Agra, Delhi,Orcha, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Ranthambore, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. He regularly escorts the National geographic groups in the said region. Locally, he has undertaken and completed successfully several assignments for reputed travel companies i.e. Encounter Asia,Dynamic tours,Royal Expeditions,Zutshi world travel services,Incentive destinations, Impact Holidays,Banyan, C&K, Trinetra Tours, Worldwide Adventures, Indebo, Adventure abroad, etc.


Satendra Singh is an exceptional guide and host. A proud, aristocratic Rajput from Jaipur in Rajasthan. He brings his culture and country vibrantly alive. A rare Renaissance man his interests are as diverse as religion, economics, contemporary politics, culture and history. He has a wonderful sense of humour. He has been working since last 16 years in tourism. He is fluent in English and Spanish. He has escorted many groups from Latin America, Spain, Australia, Canada and USA. His experience being a tour leader has made him a seasoned storyteller. He is a marvellous and engaging raconteur; his insights will leave a lasting impression


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