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The story of Royal Expeditions in Vishal’s own words – My family lived in Assam but I went to school at Mayo College in Rajasthan. Getting from home to school involved a journey of over 3 days by Train across the country from west to east. To make me fell less home sick and pass my time, my Grandfather gave me a task to do. He asked me to write in a small diary, the names of all stations the train would stop and mention what it is famous for, its history Unknowingly, I got bitten by the travel bug and was fascinated about what my country has to offer.

In 1998, after school I went to a hotel management school on southern coast of India. This allowed me to explore new regions. After doing training at the Sheraton in Mumbai and Delhi- I decided to work on the other side of the front desk and so I studied business management. At same time Princess Jodhpur, Rani Chandresh Kumari became a Member of Parliament. The Diplomats and Expats would always seek advice and help for all he tourist track holidays. Rani Sahib would then tell me to help make their travel arrangement and use her friends and family network who had just started to open up their palaces, forts and exotic estates to visitors. This was very exciting for me and some extra pocket money during college. And so as I finished my MBA programme, Royal Expeditions was born with Rani Chandresh Kumari as the chairperson, her son Aishwarya and Vishal as the Directors.

We have been in operation more than 25 yrs.

Over the years we have gained immense expertise in operating programme with themes include cooking schools, antique shopping, art, fashion, Ayurveda, Yoga, literature and culture, country walks, gourmet experiences, music, wilderness / nature holidays and even a photography tour.

Arranging interaction with leading chefs, fashion consultants, antiques experts, artists, historians, Tiger conservation experts, photographers and spiritual leaders like HH Dalai Lama.

Our designed for groups, families and individuals and are oriented toward English / Spanish / Portuguese -speaking clientele.

We also offer a selection of exclusive tours oriented for children and exclusive custom-designed travel for VIPs, private groups and CEO incentives.

We are Royalty-owned and friendly.


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