Glorious journey taking you to the mystique and mystery of the remote Spiti region, once a part of the kingdom of Nariss Korssum (Western Tibet) on the Indian side of Tibetan plateau, on an odyssey of discovery and delight on the old Hindustan Tibet Road once a part of the legendary ancient Silk Route. The mystical stunning valley of Spiti – home to some of the world’s oldest Buddhist monasteries and temples, endangered wildlife and panoramic vistas, has opened its doors to leisure travellers in the remote cold desert lands of its Trans-Himalayan environs of Himachal Pradesh, standing cheek by jowl with the Tibetan Plateau. Isolated from the rest of the country for half the year by the snowbound passes of the mountains encircling it, its rarefied environs offer the intrepid visitor a stunning bouquet of gorgeous landscapes, warm hospitality and cultural highs that leave you with a dazzling array of holiday memories. The Old Hindustan Tibet road was once a part of the legendary Silk Route of ancient times and the place for high adventure, profitable commerce and cultural exchange.




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A land of mystery and folklore, of Silk Route legends and ancient villages perched high above raging rivers. Ladakh and its remote Zanskar region, scattered amongst the glorious Trans Himalayan expanses, will endlessly engage the visitor with its dramatic natural scenery, its Buddhist gompas with their painted murals and beautiful icons and its wild landscape rich in promise of adventure activities and cultural experiences. With the fall of the great Tibetan empire, the kingdom of Tibet was, in 1020, split up amongst the three brothers of the ruling clan. One of the brothers moved into the southern region of the Tibetan Plateau and occupied the wild expanses of Ladakh. With him he brought the rich cultural elements of Tibetan Buddhism which slowly amalgamated with the local Bon religion. Many of the old local shrines were converted to Buddhist monasteries. Today this harsh but dramatic land, with Leh as its capital, is the base of exciting adventure activities such as trekking, rafting, jeep tours and bird watching. Its monasteries, a repository of ancient art and scriptures, draw culture enthusiasts from around the globe.



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This mentored photography tour takes you through the river-front and bylanes that offer incredible people and street photography opportunities in Varanasi. Photograph the life in the small lanes of Varanasi, its celebrations in the steps leading to the Ganges, its people who have a firm belief in roots and traditions that have remained unchanged for millenniums. Then continue your journey to explore the mountains as you photograph the stark yet beautiful landscapes of Ladakh, capture the beauty of super-blue lakes, see the views from the highest motorable road in the world and witness a culture that has kept its traditions alive for almost a millennium.




  • Mountain biking at Khardung La