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Rana Kumbha the legendary Mewari hero, an astute and a great builder constructed 32 of the 84 fortresses in Mewar. Of these, the most imposing one is Kumbhalgarh – set amidst, 36 Kms of twenty feet thick ramparts and 365 temples. Hotel Aodhi is built into the mountain side a short distance from the base of the citadel. A joy for nature lovers it is surrounded with greenery and wildlife. It is also within a short driving distance from the famous 15th century Ranakpur Jain temples. If you are looking for the serenity and calm of the countryside away from the congestion and the rigors of city life, this is just the palace for you. The unpolluted greenery harmonizes very well with the modern comforts and the warm hospitality of the Aodhi Hotel.

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