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Spice Coast Cruises feature single and two-bedroom houseboats, complete with kitchens, bathrooms and your own personal cooks-cum-attendants-cum-boatmen. The boat hulls are made from seasoned Jackfruit logs that have a natural gentle curvature. Keels are flat, because the rivers here can get mighty shallow at times and, also to allow the boat to be easily punted. (They come with a quiet outboard motor too, so the boatman can get some rest). You’ll see natural and local materials everywhere, products of the forest of wealth that surrounds the backwaters. The decks are laden with coir matting, and the distinctive canopy uses split bamboo, lashed together with coir and covered with palm fronds. Made from natural materials, these spice boats are powered with solar energy and vegetable oils to reduce their impact upon the lake. The service and food on board also faithfully capture a dying tradition of the backwaters for you to sample first hand. The menu on our cruise boats is sparse but distinctive. Your meals are prepared by the boatmen in local manner.

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