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Sujan Rajmahal is an exquisite royal palace is located at the heart of Jaipur. An enclosed oasis, secluded in verdant gardens, Rajmahal Palace is the repository of a celebrated history. Tall bay windows, mirrored doors and meticulously appointed interiors allow guests to be transported to a new era of 21st century regal living. Conceived as a private palace, a garden retreat, built for his beloved wife, Chandra Kanwar Ranawat ji, the daughter of the Maharana of Mewar, Rajmahal Palace has stood witness to over two hundred and fifty years of history. Following a carefully orchestrated restoration, this palace continues to embody the heritage of its past, maintaining the original, stunning marble staircase, elaborate chandeliers, and treasured family possessions. Accommodation at Raj Mahal Palace comprises of 14 Royal Apartments, Suites and Palace Rooms that have been elegantly re-designed to fit the taste of modern travellers. Attention to even minutest of details such as fabrics and wallpaper has also been given. The colors, motifs, and design for all the rooms are different and inspired from royal Jaipur feel.

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