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This ride is great way to experience up close Rajasthan – Land of the Kings – is steeped in romantic history, chivalry and valour. Formerly known as Rajputana, it boasts of the finest fortress-palaces, built with sandstone quarried from the land itself. In contrast with the pastel shades of the desert landscape are the brightly coloured costumes of its handsome people. With its turbaned men and richly jewelled women, its havelis and villages, its fairs and festivals, Rajasthan beckons you. Stay at four heritage hotels that highlight the character of the land. India’s Raja’s and Maharajahs of the past have turned their exotic estates, palaces, fortresses in cities, hotch-potch bazaars, countryside and forests into hotels. Heritage hotels is a grouping of such gems, and for a dedicated India ‘buff’, prepared to face the occasional technical imperfection and eccentricity of service or understanding, a visit to such locations give a rare insight into the world of princely India now largely lost.  You could be dining with a former maharaja or walking through his grand palace. With our chairperson’s connections you will be staying as privileged guests in owner run heritage hotels the owners and they will personally arrange or accompany you to explore the region on cycles and interacts with the local folks.

In the beginning of the tour we do visit all important cultural sites of India’s Golden Triangle – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.



 Private Access / Exclusive exploration

  • Tour of the private quarters of the City Palace in Jaipur
  • Experience Mehrangarh Fort by night on an exclusive tour with the curator himself

Walking tours

  • Early morning walking tour of the walled city in Jaipur to witness the city wake up

Ancient Temple Architecture / Spirituality

  • Visit Akshardham Temple in Delhi
  • Visit to the Nagda and Eklingji temples in Udaipur
  • Witness the evening worship ceremony at Birla Temple in Jaipur


  • Ziplining in Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

Community Service

  • Visit an NGO in Delhi
  • Visit the SHEROES café in Agra that employs acid attack survivors
  • Experience the contrast between Old and New Delhi
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi; Jantar Mantar in Jaipur; Taj Mahal in Agra.
  • Explore Old Delhi on cycles – follow the narrow lanes and the smell of street food.
  • Explore Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Cycles
  • Living cultures, gentle folks, grand vistas of Rajasthan – Land of the Kings
  • Stay as special guests in former Royal Homes in Jaipur, Deogarh, Chanoud Garh and Jodhpur.
  • Travel in comfortable chauffer driven MUV

Hotels in this Itinerary

  • Chanoud-Garh, Chanoud

    A home-stay where the home is a 300-year-old palace, dreamingly grazing at the wooded Aravallis stands the palace of Chanoud Garh. It's unperturbed by the fast-changing world; knowing that its ramparts are strong enough to keep any sandstorm of change from threatening what it has preserved within. Maybe it's just following the strict instructions left by Thakur Anoop Singh ji, when he built Chanoud Garh as a home for his generations to come. And thirteen generations later, the 200,000 square foot palace still loyally serves his present-day descendants. Every bit of the palace has been carefully preserved to lead you back to the era of the gallant rulers. The delicate stone filigree Jharokhas, the rough marble pillared corridors, the Grand Durbars, the winding doorways that lead to courtyards or opulent lawns, the strong colonial and local influence in the rooms; all whisper small snippets of history. And while the chirping of talkative parrots in the verandahs or the fluttering of pigeons bathing in the fountains may often break this historical reverie, the peacocks dancing in the courtyards will lure you into yet another trance.

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  • Dev Shree, Deogarh

    Dev Shree luxury hotel in Deogarh, is situated on the edge of the Ragho Sagar lake with the Gokul Fort at the far end, perched on a hill. The sun rises over the Fort streaming through palm trees on the swimming pool. The large verandah overlooking the lawn stretches out to the water infusing a sense of calm. The lake plays host to a large variety of migratory birds in the winter- welcome visitors. Dev Shree has been constructed in a traditional haveli style with deep verandahs, pretty courtyards of Rajput architecture and influence. The interiors are airy and spacious, and the décor has a contemporary twist. In the words of one of the guests “gone is the musty, dusty feel so often associated with traditional rural properties”. The central courtyard is lovely to soak in the warm sun or sit by the cauldron of fire on the cold winter evenings. As the sun sets one hears the villagers returning to their homes with their cows and goats, a golden time of day referred to locally as “gaudhuli”. All the bedrooms offer views of the gardens, some with sit-outs and others with bay windows (gokhras).

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  • Ramgarh Lodge, Jaipur

    The Gateway Hotel Ramgarh Lodge is a rare blend of old-world charm and modern efficiency. Situated on the shores of the famous Ramgarh lake, this was the hunting lodge of the former rulers of Jaipur. Thickly wooded hills from a dramatic backdrop to the old world colonial ambience of the lodge. Managed by the Taj Group of Hotels, care has been taken to maintain its original decor. Wood panelled walls and staircases, large rooms and spacious suites give the palace a rugged beauty of its own. Its location makes it ideal for trekking, boating and leisurely walks along the hilly terrain.

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  • Ratan Vilas, Jodhpur

    Built in 1920, by Maharaja Ratan Singh of Raoti, a keen horse lover and one of the greatest Polo players of his times, Ratan Vilas with its imposing red Jodhpur sandstone carved exterior and simple yet comfortable interiors is a genuine heritage edifice in sylvan setting. The villa continues to be the home of the grandson of Maharaja Ratan Singh, Maharaja Bharat Singh and his family. In order to utilize this beautiful place, the family decided to take in guests and now Ratan Vilas is a family run hotel. Decorated aesthetically with period furniture, charming Indian fabrics, delicate hand block prints and interesting family photographs, the Guestrooms and the Common Areas are inviting, spacious, well-appointed and caringly arranged to facilitate your comfort in every conceivable manner. The bedrooms offer an eternal old world charm blended with all modern amenities with a lot of emphasis on quality.

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  • The Bagh, Bharatpur

    The Bagh is a heritage hotel set in 12 acres two hundred years-old garden in Bharatpur. With over fifty species of flora, including fruiting trees and flowering plants which attract birds, small animals and insects, you can enjoy quiet walks in the garden and commune with nature. A restaurant, banquet hall, coffee shop, library and a gym, all situated in a verdant orchard, allow guests to enjoy solitude and companionship in restful indoor and outdoor spaces. The hotel offers 23 rooms spread over five residential complexes. Each room is a subtle blend of vintage and contemporary styles. All rooms have handmade furniture, well-furnished bathrooms and modern amenities that assure great comfort.

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