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First, ask yourself...

Then, ask yourself...

How long should I spend?

Unless you have more then two weeks to travel, think twice before planning a whirlwind tour of several destinations or countries in the Indian sub continent. You must remember the region is as big and diverse as Europe. Background reading and a review of our Tailor Made Holiday options may help define how much time you'd like to spend. We have avoided a strict modular approach to defining these options as our philosophy of Tailor made Holiday planning is to provide you with the utmost flexibility. Still, these brief descriptions will give you an idea of some of the attractions of a given area, the difficulty, and an appropriate amount of time to spend.

Where should I go? What should I do?

This is the tough part, and we'll help! Review Tailor Made options. We can combine anything you see in our itineraries listed on our online brochure. If you have other ideas or interests, contact us for more information and we'll work with you to plan your trip.

What will it cost?

Land costs for most Tailor Made Holidays run between US $ 75 and US $ 500 per person per day, based on two people traveling and sharing moderate to luxurious accommodations. For this, one can expect private locally-guided tours by individual English or French/German/ Spanish/Japanese speaking guides at destinations of tourist interest, Entry fee to places of tourist entrance like monuments, museums, national parks. Transportation by individual Chauffer driven cars / vans. Some meals and all Hotel Accommodation. Pricing varies depending on the specific services requested, class of Hotels , number of persons traveling and season of travel. Tailor Made Holidays are quoted on a package basis. In most cases, we cannot provide detailed cost breakdowns.

What about accommodations / difficulty level?

The descriptions of our Tailor Made Holiday ideas include the following ratings for general difficulty level: Easy: Flights / Vehicle based touring or walking on flat or gently graded terrain for up to a 1 or 2 hours. Comfortable accommodations with private bath facilities . Moderate: Longer days of more rigorous touring, perhaps very rough roads or longer, steeper walks, some travel by overnight or day trains. May include stay in simple hotels with basic facilities at some destinations in camps with good facilities. Difficult: Strenuous horse or camel riding, walking in mountains or lowland jungle for more than five hours a day. May include extensive camping or stay in lodges with basic facilities.

Will you stand behind me while I'm traveling?

Because of our years of experience in planning tailor made unescorted tours, We are confident your trip will go smoothly. We specifically warrant that all services contracted for will be provided. In the off chance that something goes wrong due to our or our local operators' error, both we and our local operators will do all we can to fix the problem in the field and you'll be cheerfully refunded for any services not provided.

We provide 24 hour helpline and our key executives can be contacted 24 hrs a day in case of emergency. More over our local representative in each area will be in touch with you on daily basis to make sure your tour is running smoothly.

I want to go! Now what?

After finalization of your holiday itinerary with one of our tour coordinators and send us a booking deposit.

Then we'll begin the confirmation process and send you a detailed sign-up form

Customized Holidays

  • Designed around your requirements and budget.
  • At own speed pursue your interests.
  • Choice of accommodation styles

Expert local Knowledge

  • All our travel advisors have travelled extensively or belong to region you are visiting.
  • You will have the same travel advisor throughout itinerary planning process.

Top Guides & Naturalists

  • All our Guides and Naturalists are local residents of the region.
  • Hand Selected by us or our local representatives and are the best available.
  • They offer real insight of region. Not just dates and names.

Fully Protected

  • General Liability Insurance for Professional and Premises Operations Coverage.
  • 24/7 emergency India contact number.
  • Established for over 18 years.
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