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Booking Process

What is Customised Journey / Tailor Made Travel?

Customised or Tailor made means : made-to-order, bespoke, Individually designed.

It is like a personal planning service. You tell us what you want (either in detail, or give us some parameters to work within), and then we arrange services to fit your wishes for your holiday, or advise you on improvements which we think you may want to consider.

When you initially contact us via email or telephone, this is what we do:

  1. We take some basic information such as name and contact details.
  2. If you have requested any specific information this will be sent out to you in the appropriate way.
  3. We would appreciate knowing how you heard of us so that we can work out which of our marketing sources are working for us.
  4. We will put you on our database, so that we can follow up on your request. No other company has access to our data.

When we begin to plan things with you:

  1. As soon as possible, we will endeavour to hone down your requirements so that we can make you a recommended itinerary to consider. This will usually come with a costing at this stage.
  2. We usually like to have your names as in passports so that we can hold a suitable tentative reservations on internal flight / Hotels that are popular - with no obligation to you.
  3. We then work with you to fine tune the itinerary you've been sent. Anything can be amended at this point -length, accommodation, date, services ... and this will in turn affect the price. Simply email or talk with us and we will try to get as close as possible to what you really want.
  4. As we get closer to what you want, it is likely that we will need to reserve the services you are requesting so that we know that they are available should you decide to book.

When you book with us:

  1. Once the itinerary is agreed we will ask you to read our booking conditions, complete a booking form and send us a deposit. Full payment may be needed if it is 10 weeks or less before your holiday starts.
  2. On receipt of the form and deposit, we will book the services you have agreed. If anything is not available, we will keep you informed and help you decide on your options at this point.
  3. Once we've confirmed back to you, your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  4. If not already arranged, we advise that you buy Travel insurance at this stage. Travel Insurance is obligatory on our holidays.
  5. You will get full booking pack with lots of details about your holiday by email.
  6. You can call us for help any time before you arrive in the Indian sub continent.
  7. Any final details will be sent to you a week or two before you go.

Why Book Through Us?

  1. We offer a personal and friendly tailor made service based on excellent knowledge and passion for the places we advise you on.
  2. We listen to what you want and only sell you what we think is right for you.
  3. Our travel consultants do not work on commission, and our advice is impartial.
  4. We have a very high client satisfaction rating.
  5. We have excellent back up services in case of problems or emergencies on your travels.
  6. We make a lot of difference to many people and places in India subcontinent due to our backing of fair trade and responsible services and conservation projects.
  7. We believe in travellers being well-informed, and are committed to offering you a high standard of information about your holiday.

Customized Holidays

  • Designed around your requirements and budget.
  • At own speed pursue your interests.
  • Choice of accommodation styles

Expert local Knowledge

  • All our travel advisors have travelled extensively or belong to region you are visiting.
  • You will have the same travel advisor throughout itinerary planning process.

Top Guides & Naturalists

  • All our Guides and Naturalists are local residents of the region.
  • Hand Selected by us or our local representatives and are the best available.
  • They offer real insight of region. Not just dates and names.

Fully Protected

  • General Liability Insurance for Professional and Premises Operations Coverage.
  • 24/7 emergency India contact number.
  • Established for over 18 years.
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