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Bhutan or the “Land of the Peaceful Dragon” is a country of sprawling forests, venerated monasteries, overpowering fortresses; lush green valley’s fed by bountiful rivers and age-old practices. Cultivated fields surrounded by pitched roof houses with their typical trefoil-shape windows and Dzongs (fortresses) dominate the scenery with their sheer size. Its people are hardworking, vibrantly attired and deeply religious while the land is immaculate. Bhutan’s alpine pastures, peaks, forests, lakes and flowers make it a paradise. Maybe that is why the rare black-necked crane makes its way across the Himalayas to Bhutan every year.

Bhutan’s climate is as varied as its altitudes and, like most of Asia, is affected by monsoons. The climate is humid and subtropical in the southern plains and foothills, temperate in the inner Himalayan valleys of the southern and central regions, and cold in the north, with year-round snow on the main Himalayan summits.

•    January-February-March – Spring
•    April-May-June – Summer
•    July-August-September – Autumn
•    October-November-December – Winter

Bhutan is definitely one of the smallest countries in the world, yet the cultural diversity and its richness are profound. It is exotic, mystic and a cultural feast for the eyes.

It is believed that ensuring protection and preservation of their unique culture would assist in protecting the sovereignty of the nation. This is evident in the daily life of the Bhutanese people. The Buddhist faith has played a fundamental role in the cultural, ethical and sociological development of Bhutan and its people. Annual festivals (Tsechus and Dromchoes) are spiritual occasions in each district. The Dzongs built in every district in the Middle Ages as fortresses function as the centre of both religious and secular activities nowadays.
Religious beliefs are evident in all aspects of life. Prayer flags flutter on hillsides offering up prayers to benefit all sentient beings. Each house has a small white flag on the roof indicating the owner has made his offerings to appease the local god.




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