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Why Travel With Us

The Palace


Our Credentials

As the experts in the field and with the Princess of Jodhpur's (our Chairperson) connections, we have arranged itineraries for some of the world's most demanding individuals, groups, institutions, and documentary film-makers including BBC's Michael Palin.




You could spend months perusing websites or brochures for the right arrangements, but you'll never be assured of consistent quality. We handpick the guides, hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions to ensure the best possible arrangements, all within your budget.




Enjoy India, UK and US phone or e-mail access to a friendly and knowledgeable trip coordinator, and unmatched pre-trip support, including reading, medical, cultural, packing and insurance information.



Leave it to us

Self-planned trips can work out great, or they can be disastrous. We handle any difficulties that may arise in your travel logistics, so you don't have to waste time on your much awaited holiday. With us, you know you'll have a great trip.



Our Expertise

Our trip coordinators have been with our company for an average of ten years, and are seasoned travellers with the most extensive first-hand regional knowledge of travel in India.



All under one roof

Enjoy perfectly arranged itineraries with meals, transfers and guides, then pay for all services in one bill, with a credit card if desired.




Our in-depth knowledge and dynamic approach allows us to create one-of-a-kind travel adventures from scratch, based on your personal expectations, interests, adventure level and budget.



Insider's View

No big tour buses or touts who take you to stores for their monetary kickback. With us you'll always enjoy intimate interpretation and local flair with our trusted, qualified guides.




We've been in the industry for nearly 15 years and 75 per cent of our business is repeat or referral. So rest assured that our reputation for quality stems from great expertise, accrued over years of dealing with the most demanding client base.



Seamless Planning

From securing landing permissions for foreign private jets to airport greetings to ensuring the finest guides, from arranging grand parties in private palaces to special viewings of the art and jewellery collection of the maharajas, we are the best in the industry at securing watertight logistics.




We're in constant contact with our local offices as well as with the driver and guide accompanying you while you're traveling. If something goes wrong with your health, general well-being or arrangements, you can be sure we're on to it. Our key staff in Delhi and regional offices can be contacted over mobile phone even after office hours. During long drives our drivers all carry mobile phones.



No Regrets

You may only visit a destination once in your life-make sure you do it right.


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Customized Holidays

  • Designed around your requirements and budget.
  • At own speed pursue your interests.
  • Choice of accommodation styles

Expert local Knowledge

  • All our travel advisors have travelled extensively or belong to region you are visiting.
  • You will have the same travel advisor throughout itinerary planning process.

Top Guides & Naturalists

  • All our Guides and Naturalists are local residents of the region.
  • Hand Selected by us or our local representatives and are the best available.
  • They offer real insight of region. Not just dates and names.

Fully Protected

  • General Liability Insurance for Professional and Premises Operations Coverage.
  • 24/7 emergency India contact number.
  • Established for over 18 years.
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