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Special Interest Travel

India is a treasure trove for special interest tours.

A rich history thousands of years old has influenced all aspects of culture, creating a country that embraces modern computer technology in one hand, and balances this with time-honored customs in the other.

India is rich in tradition and arts, full of historical buildings, unique performing arts and action-packed festivals. India is also a nature-lover's paradise, offering everything from wildlife safaris on elephant backs to spectacular Himalayan mountain ranges that challenge climbers to rivers that test anglers.

Whatever the activity, rest assured that a luxury resort or palace hotel is never too far away.

People in our country are warm and hospitable in welcoming visitors from all over the world.

We can make our India, your India. By fashioning your itinerary to meet your special interests, we'll create a truly personal adventure- one you will remember for a lifetime.

Here are some options from an almost limitless supply. Pick and choose and discuss your individual "wish list" with us:



Tigers, Snow Leopards and Elephant study tours supporting conservation lead by leading wildlife researchers.


Walking and Soft Treks in Himachal, Ladakh & Bhutan Himalayas, white-water rafting on the Ganges and Indus, Mahseer fishing in Himalayan & South Indian rivers, 4WD Overland Safari through some of the world's highest motorable roads, Rajasthan safari by the legendary Royal Enfield Motorcycle and cycling and mountain biking through lower and upper Himalayas.


Cross-country Horse safaris in colourful Rajasthan: you will gallop past forts, palaces, lakes, deserts and history. Camel safaris in Rajasthan to take you back to 16th century caravan life.


Relax, revive, rejuvenate with holistic and natural healing techniques of Ayurveda and Yoga.


Culinary delights from the kitchens of Maharajas & Mughals.

Photography & film making

Local connection to resources, people, places, permissions, transportation, security and generally figuring things out in India, Nepal & Bhutan.

India by Private Air Charter

Travelling by regional private aircraft, you can now experience India in a single expedition, and discover how this ancient civilization weaves its wonderful natural and cultural heritage into a magical adventure you will never forget.

Royal Expeditions can secure the joys of private air travel for you.

Cultural Insights

Reminiscences of the Raj - We can make you luxuriate in India's past and present. We will help you to be like the Maharaja & Maharani (kings & queens) of the bygone days of the Raj. Stay in palaces & fortresses in cities, hotchpotch bazaars, countryside and forests of India's Rajas' and Maharajas of the past, who have converted them into heritage hotels or guest houses. Rani Chandresh Kumari, the Princess of Jodhpur, chairperson of Royal Expeditions has considerable knowledge of the days of the Raj. Her guidance makes it possible for us to recapture the magic and majesty and magnificence of pre-independent India for you to laze indolently by luxurious swimming-pools, to sip local beer on verandas of colonial bungalows, to enjoy a relaxing round of golf or tennis before 'tiffin' ( lunch). During your tour we also arrange meetings with well known personalities; you could be dining with a former maharaja or walking through his grand palace.

Rajput Paintings - With our connections, we arrange tours with special viewing of private collections of Rajput Paintings. The group is accompanied by a historian and you stay as special guests of royal families in palaces and view private art and painting collections.

Textile Safari

Stay in exotic locations immersed in tribal textiles of India. Our itineraries give you ample opportunity to study and discuss a broad range of contemporary and historic textiles including silk and cotton saris, mirror embroidery, ikat, tie-dye, wood block printing, and vegetable dyeing. Meet directly with artisans in their workshops. We start with India's long textile tradition by visiting the Calico Museum of Textiles in Ahmedabad, with its five centuries of the finest textiles that were spun, woven, printed, and painted in different parts of India.

India has a diverse and rich textile tradition. The origin of Indian textiles can be traced to the Indus valley civilization.

India had numerous trade links with the outside world and Indian textiles were popular in the ancient world. Indian silk was popular in Rome in the early centuries of the Christian era. Hoards of fragments of cotton material originating from Gujarat have been found in the Egyptian tombs at Fostat, belonging to 5th century A.D. Cotton textiles were also exported to China during the heydays of the silk route.

The past traditions of the textile and handlooms can still be seen amongst the motifs, patterns, designs and the old techniques of weaving, still employed by the weavers.

Tribal Tour

India is reported to have had human occupation as far back as 14 million years ago. Many tribes inhabit India, and they still very much maintain their identity. The government of India has done a lot to ensure that they continue to live traditionally and has laws supporting the tribes.

The people of India belong to different anthropological stocks.


Itineraries: Special Interest Travel

Walking Safari In Tiger Land

This unique two week tour takes you to the finest National Parks of Central India

Across the Himalayas

Drive a 4x4 Vehicle through some of the highest and wildest parts of the world

Photography Tour With Nick Fleming

An exclusive photography tour led by Nick Fleming, capturing the myriad and colourful sights of India

Rajasthan Motorbike Tour

Traveling across Rajasthan on bike is best way to experience the magic of this royal land

Trans Himalayan Motorbike tour

A Journey to a mystical land with 11 days of adventurous, fun filled bike trails across the Himalayas.

Incredible India for Photographers

Join the foremost expert in photographing Indian spiritual communities on a rare and exclusive opportunity

Tigers of Central India and Himalayan Foothills

This tour takes us on a journey through the wild Jungles of India...

Cultural and Spiritual Journey

Home to some of the world's most influential religions and steadfastly...

Gourmet Tour of India

The tour offers you an excellent opportunity to learn some of the treasured recipes of popular...

A Himalayan Journey

Explore the rural alpine paradise of Garhwal and Kumaon and retrace the steps of legendary...

Forbidden Himalayas

A glorious journey taking you to the mystique and mystery of the remote Spiti region...

Himalayan Delight

A riveting tour of two of the most beautiful Himalayan nations

Pushkar Fair Horse Safari

Rajasthan - Land of the Kings - is steeped in romantic history, chivalry and valor...

Tigers of Central India

This small group tour takes you on a wild journey through Kipling country

Thar Desert Horse Safari

Ride the rugged Marwari steed across a stretch of the stark Thar Desert and meet living cultures of Royal Rajasthan...

Best of Indian Wildlife

The Royal Expeditions wildlife safari experience in India continues to...

Customized Holidays

  • Designed around your requirements and budget.
  • At own speed pursue your interests.
  • Choice of accommodation styles

Expert local Knowledge

  • All our travel advisors have travelled extensively or belong to region you are visiting.
  • You will have the same travel advisor throughout itinerary planning process.

Top Guides & Naturalists

  • All our Guides and Naturalists are local residents of the region.
  • Hand Selected by us or our local representatives and are the best available.
  • They offer real insight of region. Not just dates and names.

Fully Protected

  • General Liability Insurance for Professional and Premises Operations Coverage.
  • 24/7 emergency India contact number.
  • Established for over 18 years.
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